What is OSSOLA Skincare doing to slow/stop the spread of COVID-19?

We now sanitize our packed products using UV exposure and package your product in a new box with gloved hands. The second we were made aware of the unfolding situation we immediately began checking our batch log binders (each batch of ingredients we use has traceable batch numbers along with the point of origin that provides us with a plethora of information about where our ingredients were produced and packaged) to make sure we were not using ingredients possibly affected by the spread of COVID-19. The vast majority of our ingredients come from South Korea, Japan & the United States with a few things (flower distillates) coming from Eastern Europe, therefore, we had little to none of our imported ingredients compromised by even the threat of the virus. OSSOLA's number one priority is providing you with safe, effective products without cheap fillers, harmful preservatives (parabens, formaldehyde releasers, TEA, DHT) or artificial dyes.


OSSOLA Skincare is currently open for business and is currently shipping on time (which is 2-3 business days). Our skincare is made by hand in small batches in Northern California by second-generation beautician Topher Saint (@itstophs) and celebrity advisor Lauren Smith. As soon as we receive your order, it is hand-packed (with gloved hands, of course!) and shipped from either Northern or Southern California to you with love ready to get under your skin! (You won't mind - we promise!)