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What is it?

Envelope your face in a luxurious layer of Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly, and Rosewater with the Manuka Honey Mask. This ultra-hydrating, ultra-nourishing gel mask gives skin a refreshed glow and delivers micro-nutrients in minutes with its light and non-tacky texture and a gorgeous natural honey scent. (No added Fragrance)

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Featured Ingredients:
Manuka Honey
Known as nature's medicine Manuka Honey has been used for centuries to help prevent and heal various ailments and is no different for your skin. The Manuka Honey Royal Jelly Mask envelopes your face in a luxurious layer of hydration, renewal and protection.
Royal Jelly
This ingredient is secreted by nurse bees in a colony to help feed the youngest bees as well as their Queen. It has been shown to encourage collagen production and effectively hydrate the skin for hours after application.

Rose Flower Water
Rose Flower Water is at the base of this mask, providing the skin with a natural glow and serves as a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and irritation and smoothing and softening the skin
Monoi de Tahiti Oil
A combination of coconut oil and Tahitian Gardenia flowers that has been traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory and is rich in Ferulic Acid which is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known; fighting sun damage, environmental pollution and pre-mature aging.
How Do I Use It?
The Manuka Royal Jelly mask should be applied to a clean, slightly moist face after cleansing. Leave The Manuka Royal Jelly Mask on for as long as you like (we recommend 15-20 minutes) and rinse off with warm (not hot) water.

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